Chris’ Story

Chris Hansen, DPT, CSCS, TPI-M2, SFMA is the owner and a physical therapist at the Functional Physical Therapy Center in Boise, Idaho.  Chris Hansen came from a background in exercise physiology and strength and conditioning prior to entering into rehabilitation.  Chris enjoys all aspects of rehabilitation with a special interest in the hips. Chris also enjoys functional movement assessments and its relation to achieving higher levels of performance in daily and athletic activities.

Chris also has an interest in teaching youth and their parents on how to develop into athletes while decreasing likelihood for injury to the young athlete.


Chris Hansen, DPT, CSCS, TPI-M2, SFMA has 7+ years of strength and conditioning and personal training experience both in and out of health facilities and sports performance facilities.  Chris has worked with individuals of all ages ranging from kids to professional athletes in the training and sports performance environment.

After graduating from physical therapy school, Chris worked in Mountain Home, ID gaining experience working with many different conditions in a more  rural setting working with a large variety of conditions.  After a couple of years in Mountain Home, Chris moved to the Boise area working at the Idaho Sports Medicine Institute where he worked with individuals ranging form kids to competitive athletes in an orthopedic and sports rehab setting.

Chris Hansen now is the owner and physical therapist at the Functional Physical Therapy Center where he continues to work with individuals of all ages and injuries in the rehab setting along with sports and athletic program design and movement assessments.

My Skills

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology from Boise State University


Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Idaho State University


Certified ASTYM provider


Selective Functional Movement Assessment Certified


Titleist Performance Institute Certified


Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist